Saturday, 26 June 2010

HOT And Not so much...

A quickie post.. yes I may be procrastinating slightly lol... so much to do right now, breaking it down into little tasks!

Anyhoo... HOT AND NOT for June (since its nearly over)


Vampire wrong..but so right!

The return of The Hills ...yes yes..the shame LOL... I don't think its meant to be so hilarious!

Giant rings.. I have gone a bit ring mad.. when you can get them for under £2 .. loving costume jewellery

Embracing "glowy" skin.. normally I am a full coverage, matte as a I can get it ...kind of gal..but I am giving this whole..illuminated look a go... so far not so bad....Liking the coverage from the Maybelline Dream satin liquid.. I am getting used to the look!(still gasp a bit when I see my face in the mirror!)

My Primark grey Blazer(with coral lining I may add!).. all winter I didn't wear it, now am getting loads of use out of it!!

Jeggings... how did I ever live without these.. I HATE these are perfect :-)


It being SOOO HOT.. 20 is my limit..seriously.. 30 is TOO much (praying for rain)

England football squad..nuff said!

All these offers, sales and codes when I am saving...waaah!!

Missing is now at 7 weeks missing, pweeease turn up!!

Hairy backs (no...not mine lol)

Studying.. I cant concentrate..I have stacks of it.. argg.. zzzz

That's all for now lovies



  1. Matte is essential
    Jeggings sounds like a character from Dickens and NOT something one would want to wear.
    Far too hot in these here parts.
    Football - so tedious, dahling.

  2. hehehehe your funny!! I needed a laugh!!!

    I think I will go back to being photoshoot matte next pay!!

  3. It's impossible for me to get matte so I just embrace "glowing" like there's no tomorrow. I recently bought my first ever pair of plain black did I not get any before?! they are amazing, so comfy!

  4. I just tidied up and realised I have 12 pairs of leggings, 5 pairs leggings for gym...and 2 wet look ones.. I have issues :p