Saturday, 5 June 2010

Skincare Saturday.......Superdrug Simply Pure line

So this is a new wee segment, let me know if you like it & any suggestions This line is Superdrugs new skincare range, Simply Pure ...they have a huge line of products including Tea Tree line, Vitamin E etc They have an offer on currently 3 for 2 across ALL skincare, which is a deal - You can mix and match so say get, a Palmers cocoa butter and two Superdrug vitamin E products..or any combination you like!!

I got all three for £3 ish..pretty amazing , there are a few other products also (mask, day cream, eye make up remover etc) I felt these three were most important for my regime
This line boasts being
  • Paraben free
  • Fragrance free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
I am going to give these a good try over the next month and report back! These items are
  • Gentle Facial wash
  • Refreshing toner
  • SPF 15 Face cream
I have been using LUSH Tea tree toner, I love it but the smell is strong!! At the moment I am focused on reducing scaring and hyperpigmentation, so hoping using SPF will prevent any marks I have managed to fade worsening again! So far I have used the wash and it is great..cleans really well, leaves skin clean but not tight, does not foam.. just silky smooth..really nice feel! Will do a proper review in a few weeks time for you guys :)

I have been reading loads of blogs about Japanese skincare and am now lemming some bits big time lol Hoping for some masks for my will review those, you may even get funny pictures of me wearing them lol

You may know I am avid watcher of Lorraine's vids and daily blogs.. now.. she has been talking about various things to remove marks ..she keeps mentioning Cetaphil.. would love to hear how you guys rate this product and what sort of pricemark it is there??

This week will be sticking to these products + my usual Ponds for removing stubborn make up + Unfragranced Baby wipes

Anyhooo.... Thats it for the first segment, More nails as usual later today!



  1. Argh! Your blog always makes me want things from Superdrugs! :P

  2. I like the way they are now doing 3 for 2 across ranges. So much more tempting.

  3. Yeah it's great isn't it Jaljen? I have an excuse to splurge :P Also, Boots were doing three for two on Barry M so I picked up some of their colours. Superdrugs were doing two for five pounds, which isn't really as good :P