Tuesday, 1 June 2010

I heart Wet N Wild...and my postman lol

After a week of no post..yipeee

These lovelies came today, just in time.. Day 1 of project 0..was brutal!! redbull + lemsip = Bad idea!

Barielle Thickener

Orly Prisma Gloss Gold

Orly Goddess

WnW Disturbia

OMG.. I loveeee Disturbia.. its shimmery in full light, vampy in dim light..mmm!Drool, the little stubby brush so many have been complaining of..is the perfect size for my nail beds!! Gorgeous application, this is 2 coats..it could nearly be a 1 coater...MMMM Wet n Wild I love you(come to Blighty!)!!
Will review the Barielle Thickener..on first try.. I am liking it, nice and smooth..and yes noticeably thick! shall see how it goes and do a proper review in a couple weeks :)

Am considering taking my nails down..hmm... what do you guys think??

Anyhoo have a bit of a mail backlog atm..so should fingers crossed be some more nailmail goodies soon

TTFN lovelies xoxox


  1. Another gorgeous polish as always :)

    With regards to your nails - they're gorgeous, truly, and they'll still be gorgeous with half an inch missing, so do what you feel is right :) Quite frankly, I'm painfully jealous of the length you've managed to achieve :P

    Hey, is it OK if I link to your review on the MUA nail polish, because I've just done one (on the same colour, you inspired me to go and get it!) and I am in total love with it. Is that alright? I haven't published the post yet, it's saved, but it'll probably be published sometime tommorow. Please tell/email me (lenatallina@googlemail.com) me if you'd rather I didn't. Thanks!

  2. Gorgeous nails! So big... Envy ;)



  3. Of course its fine hunny, not a problem!!

    I may take em down a bit..lol I always go OTT lol

    Thanks hun :)

  4. Lovely color. I am also jealous of the fabulous length you've been able to achieve with your nails. I usually run on nubbins cuz I can't get them to grow pretty.

  5. i love that color on you! i think your nails look good now, but i also think they would look great a bit shorter. xoxo

  6. Great colour. I'm a huge fan of short/shorter nails so I'd vote for that.

    I'm not saying that these are necessarily my fave bloggers (actually they are amongst my faves) but I do like the nails of lextard (flickr) and Kelly of Vampy Varnish.

  7. Disturbia is a gorgeous polish and it is just lovely on you!!

    I take my nails down a bit every once in a while so I won't have a major break down in my nailbed. It won't hurt if you take them down a wee bit ;)