Monday, 21 June 2010

Too too Sheet masks n chitter chatter!

Sure you guys all understand those nights...when keeping upright is a challenge!! Have been chilling out, drinking tea... listening to music bits.. ashamed to say I found THIS...and I enjoyed it..the shame!!

Anyhoo a bit about the My Beauty Diary masks

I get mine from Evilbay for $9 plus FREE SHIPPING from Hong Kong, this is a pack of 5... you can get 10 for $15 with free shipping.. but I wanted to give them a good go first before buying loads!

They come in loads of varieties, really you need to pick one for your skin type or skin goals... I chose the White Pearl for lightening pigmentation, brightening skin.. and it does what it promises! Not only noticed my marks faded but skin smooth, blackheads vanished and cystic...GONE.. Any horrid under skin lurkers are vanished after this. I would say if you have SENSITIVE.. and I mean truly sensitive skin not to use the White Pearl (or Black pearl).

Here's a few of the types and what they are for:

  • Lavender mask - soothes sensitive skin, Contains Vit C, Arnica & St Johns wort - Claims to relieve stress and moisturise
  • Cooling mask -Witch hazel, arnica, Menthol,Peppermint & Callendula - Cools, soothes and nourishes skin
  • Sake yeast mask - Sake yeast, plant collagen -Whitening, firming and Moisturising
  • Apple mask - Smoothing, moisturising, improves appearance of pores- contains Hyaluronic acid
  • Red wine mask - Anti- ageing primarily
This gives you some idea, but there are OOOODLES..of types of these; Aloe, Chocolate, White rose & some limited edition ones also.. pretty much one for any skin problem/type

I got a Yogurt one to sample from my prize... think I will order the Aloe or Cooling ones next for when my skin needs a calm down... am so s chuffed with them. Think once a week treatment is plenty for these, same as any other mask or hardcore treatment!!

Now they can feel a bit claustrophobic at first being a sheet mask, you just place it on firmly..and lie back in the tub or wherever!! HA...Don't try to sit up..these are drenched in will get in your eyes and hurt like hell!!!Leave 15-30 minutes... remove and massage all the serum in. Following this slather on a rich face Voila, the next morning you will have skin of an angel!!

Bit of a rave... will have to reveal said fabulous skin after all this banter lol.. really am chuffed as I was thinking I would need to save for laser to get rid of one last acne scar...its nearly gone now!!

On an unrelated.. my BFF was on tele tonight on the 5 o clock show dancing with her awesome dance troupe Babybliss.. Well done Babe, you were sooo awesome!! You can check out some of their stuff here....if your into Bellydancing(which of course I am!!) :-)

Ooo.. I got my temporary foundation...till I am ready to go high end... Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid in Cocoa.. I am prrraaaying this does the claims to give an airbrushed appearance, and the reviews were good.. fingers crossed its good otherwise I will have to hibernate for four weeks LOL

That's all for now folks..time for bed!!



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