Friday, 18 June 2010

HT meets Baby's breath.... its angelic!

Yes... I saw this on MUA a few weeks back and it looked KICK ASS.. so... here we go..HT over white...I love love love it!

Had an awesome day at work today, came in to loads of cards and presents, so so sweet(thanks guys at work!!)!! I will photograph all the Hello kitty goodness and so forth tomorrow lol

Popped into Primarni(Primark to non-UK ers lol).. picked up this looovely ring, £1.50 ..bargain!! So many lush things in there, may pop back!! Also got a jegging stretchy mini skirt... lovely £4!!..I do think their sizing is a bit off though...hmm.. I would say I am a large 8 on the bottom (US 4) ... But I always need an 8 in there..10 means baggy knee syndrome(Some friends may say this is my small knee syndrome rather than the clothes!)... perhaps they are vanity sizing LOL I think so!!

Thats all for now lovelies

TTFN xxoxox


  1. So pretty! It looks like an opal!

  2. That just proves how versatile flakies are. I find they work just as well with pale shades as dark. Looking good!

  3. I adore this nail look. Beautiful.

  4. Love the nail combo - it does look heavinly. I also like the new page too.