Thursday, 3 June 2010

Pc's are annoying...

That's all really..annoying, cant get onto twitter and Youtube wont load..waah.. I pretty much watch youtube rather than tele, so this is so annoying.
Hoping the glitch is fixed soon, something to do with AVG and YT... aaarg..
So to my lovely tweety buddies...I am out of the loop, hope to be back soon!!
Blog post comin up tomorrow and Saturday Skincare segment :-)
TTFN lovelies xoxo


  1. PCs are not so much annoying as just plain ****. I have to use them at work and I do sympathise.

    I'm a lucky MacBabe and I would not go back.

  2. I so would go to the darkside..but for my uni work it has to be a PC!!