Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Stellar... smooth glitter=win!

The most...ridiculous glitter...omg I am in love!

best thing is..no grit!! yahoo! 2 coats of nyc fast dry topcoat and its all good

So gorgeous..glitter, yet nudey... ooooooo... Application was a dream...no stupid fat OPI brush lol.. Ooo I think I like china glaze!!!

so happy with this one, and for £1.87...bargain!!

I am now on a no buy until err mid-March.. I have plenty of new ones to be getting on with plus am awaiting a few swaps..so some more on their way! ..remind me.. I am on a no buy.. I do not need any polish..!!

My beloved nail envy is nearly finished... I am debating trying Nailtek Maintenance- any words of wisdom would be great.. I am not feeling like forking out £10 on another nail envy right now.. I have to tilt it like mad to get two coats out lol.. I haven't had a single break with nail envy ...perhaps I should stick to it?! Help!!!


TTFN hunnies


  1. Gorgeous color!
    Looks great on you. =)

  2. I am fail at no buys. I wish you more luck than me!

    This colour is fantastic. It's like a glitter for everyday wear!

  3. beautiful polish !! it's like the colour taupe of OPI with glitters.
    i agree with rebecca, its a polish you can wear evreyday