Monday, 22 February 2010

My first....China glaze

And a few

Colour Club Explosive - my colleagues say this is like Colman's

Chg Stellar
Chg Fairy dust...OMG..I am in love!!

OPI La Paz Matte
ooo And some Avon bits

Fast drying Twilight blue, Grow potion & Cuticle balm..these were all half price!
Sooo excited, its like xmas came early lol cant wait to try looks incredible!
Biotin is going well so far, hair seems better, skin clear(even some improvement in scars..)...and nails growing like little weeds..well worth the £8!!

Just a quickie post as I really must get back to studying..... will post a fresh mani soon

TTFN lovelies

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