Sunday, 11 July 2010

Lovin right now...

Apart from my duvet... there are a lot of things I am lets get started!!!

Vimto .. yes.. Vimto..
I think I may like it more than Ribena ... bit random!

My Daisy tote.. great for storing my huge textbooks, so cute! ( Thanks mum!)
Will deffinately be use this for work once I have less stuff to lug around with me!

Superdrug Simply Pure line

Just amazing, got the lot for under £3, is superb, cleans well..the moisturiser is fantastic and has SPF.. Love it! This is pretty much keeping any cystic at bay and looking after my dry skin fantastically (combination dry/oily)

My Beauty Diary masks

When I feel like my skin is misbehaving this stuff is amazing!! Clears away any cystic trying.. trying to pop up, helps with soreness and so moisturising. Its a real treat and leaves your skin feeling super nourished( have even got my old man using these now!)

So far have only used the White Pearl

Next to try is - Strawberry Yoghurt & Aloe Vera

99p Land

Yes yes.. its better than poundland, its ridiculous.. I even saw some 3 for 99p deals when I was in there a couple weeks ago!

They often have lots of Sally Hansen products- hand creams, scrubs etc

Almay cleansers, toners & Mousturisers

St Ives scrubs

And lots of Oringinal Source stuff which I adore

Barielle Nail Thickener

Have been trying this now over a month and wow.. I loves it.. you need to use it over your regular treatment..but its such great stuff. Thickens, seals..bulletproof nails in a nice gel way..not overly hardened..just thick.. perfecto!

Its actually hard to file/cut my nails..they are so strong now using that in combination with SH NQ :-)

My mum really wants to try this, we noticed Sally Hansen brought out their Nail thickener here... so she got these on special offer, will have to find out how shes finding it - I definitely wont re-purchase the Barielle at UK RRP .. but I was lucky enough to get it in a swap :-)

Nail wheels!

Why didn't I get these before???

So much fun for trying out Mattifying experiments, swatching, playing with nail art ideas yay

Have ordered some clear ones now which are more robust too - scored 10 for $3 with free postage, hurrah!

AVON.. yes you heard me right!!

My bf got me some bits over the past couple months and well.. I am liking a lot of things, plus the novelty of ordering.... then paying 3 weeks later, is well..too good to miss!!

TOP Product : Skin so soft, Dry body oil in Soft&Sensual

Smells like roses, so gorgeous, spray on after your shower..not oily and this so much!

Also like the little Body mists for throwing in my handbag, I walk to the office, so like a spray when I get in! Bali Bliss is sweet, bit sickly and tropical smellin! (Refuse to waste perfume on the office!!)

Sweet Candy Bubble bath.. I have 1 ltr bottle of this..LOL Its looovely, its a bit too hot for baths right now, but soon as the temperatures drop I will be enjoying this again!

The polishes are pretty good.. I have some coming in a fortnight, so will review those when they arrive!

AVON generally are good, if you have sensitive skin...stay away from the skincare products! you just have to keep an eye out for the special offers..its worth waiting for the half price offers, I certainly would never pay the full £6 pricetag for the polishes, but for £3..fill your boots!


Aah now I love YT.. would rather watch it than tele anyday!

Here's a few I have been enjoying recently..that are new to me anyway, so great when you find new lovelies :-)

Gotta shout out Cosmeticcandy must watch her Sales assistant vid.. this brightened my day so much!

Kelanjo19 another fellow Brit blogger :-)

Dollybowbow - previously mentioned her shop- gorgeous!

LisaLisaD1 - So fabulous! I love a long video :-)


...she likes polish nearly as much as I do!! :-)

GaGa for Gaga
.. this isnt new.. but.. I love her more everyday!!

The accoustic Pokerface gives me goosebumps.. This for BBC Radio 1

Thats all for now lovelies

TTFN xoxox


  1. Skin So Soft is amazing plus did you know it really keeps mosquitoes away from biting you! My dad goes fishing a lot and he swears by the stuff.

    I need to try that Superdrug range, moisturiser with and SPF for that price...great!

  2. Cute bag. Marc Jacobs (naughty boy) and that daisy. Mary Quant did it first and she did it best!!