Wednesday, 21 July 2010

AVON Mambo Melon

Avon Mambo Melon... this is one of the speed dry ones.. they really do dry seche needed, although of course I did go ahead and topcoat these!

now.. I am not normally one for shimmer.. but this I can grow to love!!

Ordered with this one Dynamo..well for £3 they were a steal!!

Must say I like Avon polishes a lot!! The offers are fab too.. oh and they finally have the GREENS in the UK Catalogue this month, hurrah! They have different names, but are the same ones.. Peppermint leaf (the jade) & Green with envy are the UK names! £3 at the moment, hurrah!

This is my wee avon collection...

Mambo melon, Dynamo, Coral Beat, Twilight blue & Ruby slippers

That's all for now!

TTFN xoxox


  1. You MUST get the greens, they're so pretty! I wore one of them this week.

  2. I keep looking in the catalogue. Greens at last! The Mambo is nice. The shimmer is understated and doesn't come across as old-lady.

  3. I really love Mambo on you! Stunning.