Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Paul & Joe 15

This was a pressie from my BFF (she ordered this little lovely from ASOS.com)

WOW ..this applied like a dream, 2 coats.. easy..fluid..gorgeous.. smells gorgeous (imagine Rose oil crossed with your nanny's perfume..mmm) ..divine! Now I know why its so pricey!

Beautiful colour, its neon...or nearly neon.. squishy..a little VNL ....but just gorgeous, perfect for summertime!

How gorgeous is the packaging... oooo... gorgeous!! I know I will be asking for the White Chocolate polish remover for xmas..the packaging is just scrummy


ASOS have a half price sale on atm... I am resisting!! ...but please do indulge..and show me all your lovely hauls!!

Currently waiting on two lots of nail art stuff to review..so watch this space!

TTFN lovelies xoxox


  1. I love this colour and the packaging and now I love it even more now you've mentioned that it actually smells good! Is that even possible for a nail polish?
    I just posted my ASOS haul :D :D

  2. Looks good. Pity I've reached my budget limit for July.