Saturday, 17 July 2010

I'm still here!! .. Quick HOT & NOT

Am still here guys, shattered at the moment, struggling to drink water or eat zonked! fingers crossed will be feeling better shortly!

Righto on with a wee...HOT & NOT..seeing as my camera battery died!


Cherry Drops ... retro yes.. but delicious! ( do you guys get them in the US?)

Maybelline Dream Satin foundation - I am getting used to the dewy look, it covers well enough for me.. applies easily, I like to spray mist over it.. if I have to do anything important then I will dust over with with Sleek Illuminating powder - I likey!

Demon in the dark soap - this is the BEST soap.. I am so in love with it, Minty, cloves.. so cooling and exhilarating, just fantastic :-) My fiance got me a huge chunk for my bday and its still going strong a month later! This one comes wrapped in wax.. you peel it off and mmm.. if you leave this in your bedroom it will smell Divine, so powerful! Available from LUSH .. its worth the pricetag(2.85 per 100g)!

Epaderm Cream - believe you can buy this or get it on prescription.. Its a wonder cream. For eczema primarily, you can use it for scars, dry skin, to cleanse, on stretchmarks - It works wonders! Fabulous to cleanse with..and slap onto scars.. has pretty much cleared what raised scars I had left on my cheeks!

My BFF ...yes she is but now Bellydancing superstar, recently been on the Lenny Henry Show, dancing at Movida & for the opening of FrostFrench as well as in papers & magazines yay :-)

Linky to their performance last week.. Candy (fusion stuff) - she is the lovely blonde on the left!

Lovely work colleagues, mine have been ace this week, looking after me, taking me home and generally making sure I am okay - bringing me boiled sweets, tea, anything I can try - Thanks so much guys :-)

Harems.. yes I love my harems.. I am not ashamed.. my fiance calls them hammer pants, my mum..well I cant say what she calls them!! LOL Comfy.. :-) .. of course I don't wear them with the kids..or I will get LOL'd as they put it!

Costume jewellery.. I am loving atm.. if its big, has charms.. or is a bit OTT I am loving it!! Really want a HUGE cocktail ring... I mean HUGE.. hmm if anyone knows where to find one leave me a comment!! Spyed an Owl ring on a blog.. got to see if H&M have it.. so cute.. its not practical at all for work..but nevermind!!!

Tru Blood returning to FX.. Hurrah!!! I cant wait for Tuesday, I need my Bill fix..and my Erix fix LOL (Greedy!!)


Being sick .. yes that sucks!

Windy windy city.. man oh man has it been windy the last few days, hehe.. now not that it's going to ruin my fro or anything but.. getting blown away when you nip for a paper..not so much!!

Pervy men... ewww

Gladiator sandals in the rain... err.. I know British summertime.. I should know better than to wear sandals in July!

Revision, study..all that jazz.. got so much work to do and err.. only a couple months till my exams! Starting to feel like I need Law for dummies!

Fan thief' We have our aircon off at the office..My fan appears to have gone walkies..

My nails..yes.. they were annoying me so much I chopped them down.. no choppers remorse lol they will grow back within 3 weeks anyway. Annoying bends and flaws were driving me potty!

UK Prices... yes.. annoying.. Not only food prices here.. but polish lol.. of course polish more important! Looked at getting Orly Plastixs and err some Zoya..well for those prices, they can keep em!!

That's all for now.. will upload my water marbling later tonight

TTFN lovelies xxx

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