Friday, 30 July 2010


This is a foil.. coming in at £3 on offer, half price... I wouldnt go up to £6 which is the RRP!!

Applied well, two coats over 1 coat SH NQ

Nice finish.. I am a bit anti shimmer, but this foil finish is gorgeous! One thing I must say is that the AVON swatches in the book dont look anything like the your better off searching for swatches!

Liking this one a lot... have gone ahead and ordered the famous greens..hurrah! Be two weeks till they land, but well worth the wait :-)

Looking forward to a weekend in bed, reading and relaxing, have a great weekend guys!

TTFN xoxoxo


  1. That colour is incredible! We're gonna have to add this to our list...


  2. that is a really pretty color. I find avons polishes hit or misses. sometimes they apply very nicely and are gorgeous other times they are very streaky