Thursday, 22 July 2010

I need a HUGE dramatic statement ring... help!

Yes I need to find a very big one..

I saw one of the judges on BNTM wearing one..and that was it..gotta find one!! ..Ooo it was Grace Woodward... mmm ..I want her ring..and her glasses/clothes!! (found this on Show me your Wardrobe)

you see that..THAT is a ring!!

Been getting more into jewellery.. obviously wear my engagement ring all the time, but the other hand needs jazzing up too! Have been picking up rings here and there..mainly Primark...

I got this one tonight in H&M for £1.99... DEAL!!

Really am looking for something even bigger than this, maybe round ..if you guys spot anything like this, a real statement ring...please drop me a comment!!

For now this faux pearl has brightened my evening... such a hectic day... My brain is zapped!! Time for a cuppa!!

TTFN lovelies



  1. I found some huge gorgeous rings on etsy. Mine was a broach made into a ring. I'd check there!

  2. The only thing bigger than that is a dinner-plate!

  3. Have a look at ASOS, Accessorize or Muse. Muse is amazing for jewellery! Topshop actually have some ace stuff too.