Sunday, 25 July 2010

IN and... OUT

A quickie post... Am feeling a bit uninspired manicure wise, my untried box is nearly empty.. hmm..

Anyway chilled weekend.. very sad it is nearly over!

..Heres for this weeks IN's and OUTS!


Eclipse.. yes.. I finally saw it and love!! Edward was so much nicer, smilier etc.. loved it (although he was a lot less sparkly - more sparkles next time please!!)

US buddies .. got to say nail bloggers and MUA NB lovelies are some of the nicest folk, Love you guys :-)

Superdrug receipts.. yes.. these offers rock, every purchase you get a survey - if you do these, which takes minutes, next shop you get 25% off Superdrug brands (GOSH is included in these) and 10% off branded products! Deal!

Getting good marks.. well some of you will know I was stressing so bad over my last assignment, ended up having a huge flare.. well I got a good mark.. I was so so chuffed!! My mummy even sent me a voucher for Primark to say well done! :-)

Paperchase .. I love stationary.. and I adore Paperchase.. went in for some gorgeous postcards to pop into a couple packages, could of stayed in there for hours..Mmmm.. girly goodness!!


Studying.. yes.. My energy is so **** right now, its a struggle, gonna get back on the bandwagon this week.. EU Law ahoy!

Fx ... I was hoping for new Tru Blood..oooh no..its old reruns.. I am chomping at the bit for season 3!!

Glitter .. I am just too tired, too lazy..or something to be scrubbing/foiling/toiling over removing polish for an hour every time I want a change!! ...if there is a magic trick..please someone tell me..I want to love glitter again!!

My unorganised stash...somehow I seem to have a lot of brands.. now this means a lot of odd bottles!! Am on the hunt for my helmer.. just finding someone to get it for me atm.. soon as I tidy the so similar-ish bottles are together, they get messed up!!

Heat.. its still hot..been hot here now for over a week... In true British style.. I cant be doing with it.. I want the winter.. right now!! Thigh high boots, tights, leather suede gloves.. oo winter please!!

That's all for now lovelies.. am frankening something may post back with that later

TTFN xoxox


  1. I seem to remember that covering your nails with foil or something (google it, I'm rubbish) is good for getting rid of glitter.

    Also, I LOVE Paperchase too! :-)

  2. I do the foil method.. I still hate it!! LOL

    :-) If I could roll around in polish and stationary would be very happy lol

  3. Didn't know that about Superdrug receipts! Cool! I also love Paperchase and stationery...I love pens and paper and notebooks etc <3