Saturday, 3 July 2010

...Manicure essentials..and my untried box...

Warning..this is pic heavy... lol

Okay so I thought before I dig into the main part of my stash.. I better show you my little counter top essentials and Manicure make up bag. Also I am wayy too tired to manicure after studying all day.. pass the wine!

These sit on top of my Make up mini drawers ..usually my latest buys are on there, my bday gifts on there, plus topcoats(seche, mine is full of red as you can see, DOH!), bonder, Barielle Thickener (is ACE) & SH NQ (My HG) - couple Nails inc's , the bottles are those stay on top - Dont mind Hello Kitty..she is guarding the pretties lol

I keep these out for easy access..cant do a mani without these!

My weekly Mani supplies stay inside this blingy make up case.. all the essentials, sticks, cotton buds, cotton pads (all out of felt atm!) ,denture tablets, toothbrush, cuticle remover, cuticle refiner..errm..Ped-egg (ewww..not photographing that!!)

My wee container for untrieds, it is a small container, but I figure there should..I repeat should not be more than will fit in there LOL most of these are from my prize winnings, poundland haul..and a couple others from swaps

Also my new Nail wheels ( are these boring for a post?? mattified Blues and greens - tell me if you wanna see em)

erm Franken Golddigger from last night & basic WnW Black + a Zoya nude for under sheers/neons - you all know what those look like!! ..also two glitters for frankens, Essie MAY & Seche Restore ...keep those handy!

Sally hansen 16, Suki brand, CHG Sexy in the city, Almay Organics clear (soon to be a franken), Japanese polish & U&A polish (said to be very similar to the well loved Charla)

SH Salon Shooting star (may give this one away), Ulta Bombshell( drool- saving for something special!), Rockstar Overdose (used for frankening bt not full mani yet) Sally hansen oldy, couple of DABOO polishes

Sooo there we go.. will have to take the rest out in the sunshine for their close up at somepoint tomorrow, I don't have a hugeee stash..but they are all loved and No dupes whatsoever, hurrah!

I share a lot of the ones I do get with my fiance's daughter, my lil sister & my mum, soo some are given away or on loan!! lol my Mum creating some frankens now, how cool!!!

Hope this was fun, I love seeing storage and stuff, geek lol ha!

TTFN lovelies xoxox

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