Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Ciate topcoat revisisted....

yes I know..unheard of..3 days wearing something!! a/ have been too tired and b/ wanted to road test the topcoat for you lovelies!!

Well.. super shiny, good wear, no shrinkage! For me..the shrinkage is the bug bear with seche...

Its definitely comparable to seche, I may end up liking it more..but... its a bit early to say!!

It has dulled a tiny bit but I have been using oils, sunscreen yadayada! Overall I love it.. you apply just the same as SV..and its gorgeous,normally I would have tipwear... NO tipwear! Hurrah!

Here it is today.... not bad heh! ...it could go longer..but you know.. I cant go longer than 3 days with the same polish!!

Its definitely time for a fresh mani! phew!

The topcoat gets 5*

TTFN lovelies xoxox

1 comment:

  1. Love the colour but 3 days isn't special for a top coat now, is it?
    7 days would be good. 3-5 days average.
    Not that any of us keeps polish on that long, I admit.
    I'm keeping the right hand silver and just changing the left.