Thursday, 1 July 2010

Window shopping makes me happy!

So we mainly did sight seeing & Meeting up with family, friends and so forth when down but...did get some time for shopping LOL

Popped into H&M Oxford St to scour the polish, see if they had any old stuff or different Hello kitty to what I can get at home... sure enough found purple glitter Hello Kitty polish, for £1.50 they are a steal!! Cool Summer is the name, looks really nice, hoping its as lovely on!!

On Tuesday we went to Westfield (Shepherd's bush), wow... its gorgeous, have not been before, really enjoyed it!!
Must of been there 6 hours and didn't even touch seeing round 1/2 of it!! Stopped into MAC to get bits for the kids and... well.. I had to see Inglot after hearing so much about it!!

The store was gorgeous, so many colours, make insanely pigmented...just WOW.. I could not choose a polish lol 25 minutes later, I got a deep Indigo MATTE Inglot polish, number is 701. Will be swatching this lovely.. they had a new polish collection in store, pastels and a decent amount of Matte finishes too.

Some very nice window shopping was had..may have to start saving away to go to Inglot again in the Autumn time, never seen such pigmented eyeshadows and gorgeous colours, the gel eyeliners..just wow!! They even had a big leather sofa for my bf..which he was most appreciative of!!

Inglot definitely worth a visit if your lucky enough to work or live near Shepherd's Bush... mmm... was far more exciting than MAC.. lol

Only bought two things, think that was rather restrained!!

TTFN lovelies xoxoxo


  1. Not all westfeild's have the same shops. The one where i live is kind of small and doesn't have as many or even the shape shops as the london one.

  2. Aah I was refering to Westfield London!! lol I will edit..sorry..was not aware they were elsewhere in the UK!

  3. Gasp! *steals your Hello Kitty polish*
    I got my very first Inglot and I'm so bad, it's still untried!

  4. Ah, so jealous you live near an Inglot! I have to take a train into NYC to go to the nearest one but it's the only one in the USA right now so I feel lucky enough to live this close! LOVE their eyeshadows!!!

  5. *green with envy* =)
    I like inglot but a lilbit expensive.. =)
    can't wait to see that on your nails..

  6. it is pricey.. was a real treat..wont be an every month occurance LOL