Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Wee nail mail!

Some lovely nail mail landed today, these certainly brightened my day :-)

.. I managed to get two Happy Birthday's.. which are gorgeous I may add, Between my sister and my bf's daughter..I am sure will find a home for the spare lol

Gorgeousness... Have wanted Recycle for ages..thanks so sooo much to Jen over at The Polish-Aholic!!

..well you know how much I love mood polish... Yay! Am so chuffed :-)

Thanks so much to R too... mwah! I love Maybelline polish..this is my first one believe it or not!! Looks gorgeous :-)

Now I have so much choice for a fresh mani its unreal lol my untried box is full again!!

Time for a pot of tea..and a fresh manicure :-)



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