Friday, 27 August 2010

Nail mail...bumper nail mail!!

Been super duper busy what with studying, hospital trips..bla bla bla.. Was chuffed to get some lovely nail mail :-)

Now I mean nail mail.... some serious nail mail... I am super chuffed, thank you so much J ...mwah!! :-*

OPI Wing it... OMG.. such beautiful orange shimmer.. I could look at the dreamy bottle all day long!!

Pure Ice Army.. so so beautiful!!! (Not in order) Gold mist, Purple Reign, Rio,Tease, Fast Lane(not pictured), Heartbreaker & New Lilac

WnW army... weee... I heart Wet N Wild

....WnW Craze's

Sinful Colours

Some other lovelies... Droooolie

..That green.. Jordana Mint Candy (aka Dressmaker)

Zoya meadow (postman chipped the bottle, but the polish is fine, phew!!)

MAC Seasonal Peach... been in Love with it since I saw swatches... I think it will be worth the formula problems..only time will tell!!

All wrapped in lovely felt...hurrah!! (you don't know how happy a big stack of felt makes me!)

..More coming this way and swatches :-) .. I am having 1 day off studying ...cant wait!!

Have a gorgeous weekend, and bank holiday weekend UK lovelies...woohoo 3 day weekend :-)



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  1. ysy! glad they made it safely! i love seeing them all lined up like an army!!! i got my LUSH today, its like a store in my bathroom!!!!!

    p.s. you have one more small package coming!