Saturday, 12 February 2011

U must have this

Just time for one last little one before my net goes ....zap! lol

H & M - U must have this

Funny name, and once I saw it..that was it, I tried to put it down twice lol..did a lap round the shoes..and came back for it!!

This is two coats, could of been one ... the formula on these is very thick - I never learn - MUST be thinned first. Next time I will do this!!

Combination of thickness and the new packaging - bulky tops..awkward to hold made it all a bit arty pics it Next time will thin it up.. hopefully will help!! Is a gorgeous colour though! - hope it isn't too out there for the Mil in the morning! ha! lol

TTFN lovelies xoxo


  1. why does h&m have so many different bottle shapes???

  2. I didn't know H&M had nail polishes, where have I been?? lol -This is a cute color, and your nails are gorgeous! (:

  3. Lovely colour. I don't have any H&M polishes. I must look out next time I go shopping.