Saturday, 27 March 2010

this time Matte is staying MATTE .. La -Paz OPI

I am keeping this Matte, going to see if it can last 24 hours.. I adore the look, so am going to road test it!! I will post the chippy damage!! ...touch wood it can stay on.. La Paz is meant to wear slightly better than the other this gives me hope

Have noticed some MUA guys have been using Matte topcoats etc.. I may invest in the Essie one.. Claire's here do not stock one..or much other cool stuff lol

You may notice I have taken my nails down a tad... omg.. is there a trick to the crystal file?? 25 minutes of filing and loose about 2mm lol it was hard work, but I didn't want to clip them they are slightly shorter..I may do a drastic cut soon...eeeek!!

I will be collecting bits up for contest for the next fortnight - any suggestions would be most welcome.. am currently thinking

Hand treatments

Marks and Spencer polish

Anyway TTFN xoxo

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