Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Sinful....how I love thee...

Yes I know I have been awol for a while...work, law and late nights studying have all caught up with me!... Torts= big ole yawn!!

This lovely is Secret admirer..perfect in one coat...sooo lush!

Was determined to put in 3 hours work before giving myself a mani...so here I am!!

I received 5 Sinfuls in a swap last week... I love themmm..now I want more..lol

Another barrier from my manicuring..was my nail envy being empty..finally got my Nailtek Maintenance today...yay Thank you Mick for rescuing it from royal mail for me!! ... recorded delivery...stinks!!
Here they are today, I filed down the thumb, can see some growth from last week...well here goes with the Nailtek..fingers crossed!!

oooo More followers... 4 to go and you lovelies will get a competition.....ooo am thinking Marks and Spencer polish..GOSH and some other UK only bits...

Anyway am super nervous about using a new product, so lets see how it goes.. nail envy has been amazing..but they do feel hard from inside out...ie.. when naked..they are hard as rocks..hoping the Biotin is working its magic!!

Anyway enough rabbiting... my essay is nearly done..so lots more swatching, nail chat etc to come

TTFN folks!


  1. yay! looks great on you! and i think i know what to offer in next swap, which envy do you prefer???

  2. ooo envy matte... heart it...but so far no breaks..touch wood!!