Sunday, 28 March 2010

Do not drink and crystal file...or worse..clippers! NOTD Blue moon

Blue moon, wet n the shimmer, applied well and dried super fast...hoping it is okay with Seche vite!! so far so good!! after some wine I decided..I am done with long nails..yeah gonna clip em off! boyfriend.."they are your pride and joy"... I know what I am clip clip clip...crystal file lol..ttaadaa..nubbins! To be fair they are still well over the tip..and super I know they will grow back super fast..kinda like them!! they growing on me LOL

Guess what...still no mail... I have a conspiracy the mail man has taken the captive..if I spot him with glittery nails I will know this is true!! Fingers crossed some packages land tomorrow!!

Cosmetics4less have some Prisms, sally hansen back in stock...I soooo want one lol...going to resist!!

Anyhoooo... TTFN



  1. These are nubbins?! Mine are microscopic compared to these :D

  2. THESE ARE NUBBINS?! omgoodnes, girl, you need glasses or something, your nails are GORGEOUS. I will show you nubbins in the next few weeks. I cut all my nails off =[ They were starting to stab me in the eye when I took my contacts out. LOL

  3. Your nails are gorgeous long or nubbins. They will be back before you know it :)

  4. Thanks guys lol you cheered me up

    OMG.. i do stab myself when putting my lenses in..the contact lens man was like..err you put those in with those nails?? ha!!

    hehe Thanks for the polish R xxx

  5. Lol if these are nubbins, my boobs are like the himalaya ;-D

    They're still long and pretty!!

    Blue moon is gorgeous too!