Sunday, 21 March 2010

I love vouchers...and I love No. 7 Totally Teal

Boots are currently doing an offer, spend £5 get a £5 voucher for No. 7 and Ruby&Millie!

I had to pickup this little lovely, and for only £1.25 ...even better!!
Very Pigmented, very thick formula.. nice and glossy..Really like it, but would not pay the regular price £6.25!! Would rather have two BarryM lol

Anyway I dropped into Claires..always hoping the rubbish nail polish will have been replaced with US stock..Errr was still rubbish lol But I did spot a crystal picked this up!! £2 ..yes yeS... I love my sandpaper emery...and apparently so do my nails..but I am going to give this file a good try lol...MUA Nailboard.. I am confessing ..and will reform myself..all free sandpaper files from Claires have been hidden up lol

Did a whole lot of shopping for .. I did find out..Nails inc is cheaper at Boots than the Nails inc counter...unfortunately this was after my purchases..doh! Definitely check it out... I adore their top coat!! Talking of and Seche vite are going well...its thick, shiny... I think mine may be gloopifying itself... am going to Sally's at will check out some thinner!

I took a few days break from the Biotin and my hair started shedding.. I will NOT be stopping it again lol I am going on a bit of a mad diet the next 4 weeks, so I am going to take extra care with nails..really hope they don't suffer and start breaking..I would be devastated!!! Perhaps I will file them down a touch before starting...hmm..
Anyways guys... That's all for now. Tallyho!

R x


  1. I have 1 No7 polish that I also got with a voucher and it is sooo chippy! I agree would not pay full price. How did you find the bottle design? I found it really hard to work with because of the long neck.

  2. The bottle is weird... so far so chips..but I think it basically needs thinner straight away!!

  3. That color is so pretty! I love darkened teals!