Saturday, 13 March 2010

I love Claires glitters.... oooooo (thanks to a kind swap!!)

There are not words for is sooo gorgeous..and not that rancid gritty/chunky texture that makes me mad sooo beautiful!! Got a little sunlight this morning to snap in... just shows how gorgeous it really is!

Thank you so much R for this swap, we don't get Claires glitters here..not only are these jelly's super pigmented but also the bottles are huge!! 15ml..our claires polishes are teeny tiny lol

Also got in my looovely swap, two colorama, Blue moon WNW, Claires glitter- green chunky, blue chunky, glitz n glam(the and a mini seche vite!! First time trying the far..gorgeous!!!

Sorry I have been so slow posting this week have been suffering awful visual migraines all week, hope to get swatch-tastic this week to make up for it..!!
Anyways TTFN


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