Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Unnamed franken

Here are some quick swatches of my un-named franken... leave name suggestions below :-)

1 heavy handed coat over ASOS Alexa (dark creme navy)

So blingy its unreal!!

This started as Rockstar overdose - purple & blue fine glitter

Added in loose gold glitter & red glitter

Gave it a good shaking up before slowly adding in just enough Models own Silver Spangle - flat sequin silver glitter

Since I am on a bit of a no buy...I am having to franken to amuse myself lol Any nail art requests or other post requests go for it!!

TTFN lovelies xoxox


  1. I would love to see this over a white or pink base!

  2. Oooh! I like that. Talk about a glitter bomb. :D

    Having to make do really puts your creativity to good use, doesn't it?

  3. That is a really pretty color. Are those your natural nails? Really NICE :)