Monday, 18 October 2010

Icing Blackout

My first Icing polish, I got this a wee while ago however I knew I would find it wayy too distracting whilst studying!! lol

This is two coats... it was very weird in formula... gloopy yet very thin... weird.. maybe I need to thin it out... hmm.. 6 good shakes and the second coat behaved slightly better!! Seche fixes everything!

Lovely, exactly what I expected.. cant go wrong with this one! Maybe a 3rd coat would make it more black... the holo glitter is fantastic and very fine, completely smooth!

I also got with it Icing Glamorous which is basically the same as Chg Fairy dust...holo suspended in clear always a must for frankens :-)

Anyhoo lovelies, am slowly catching up on all the naily news.... now lemming Barielle, amongst others lol .....gonna search out BarryM Crackle tomorrow....doesn't appeal to me but sure it would make for a good giveaway, fingers crossed they have stock left!!

TTFN lovelies



  1. This. Is. Amazing! It looks just like a starry night sky on your nails. Wowza. I believe I need me some of this polish lol :P

  2. Looks great on you! Don't know if this will look good at me, I'm not really into black polishes...

  3. Pretty!! I especially love it on your long nails.
    I've been lemming this one for a long long time, but I'm always too lazy to go to Icing and get it.