Monday, 4 October 2010

Milani dressmaker

This was a complete surprise from a sweet MUAer - I also got the Jordana version thanks to darling J I was spoilt with my Jade dupes!! Quick and dirty swatching...did I mention I am a bit manic atm!! LOL

I was not feeling this at first, but people at work were swooning all over it, so I decided its growing on me :-)

2 coats + seche ... 24 hours and its already wrecked..but I think that's my typing/cleaning/chewing my nails/doing my hair...NOT the formula!!

This is my first Milani..I absolutely love some of the nudes they recently released..magicmaid made them look yummy!

Gorgeous, definitely be pulling this one out in doesn't seem very seasonal!

Time for bed!!

TTFN lovelies xxxx


  1. sweet dreams! looks good on ya!

  2. Seasonal schmeasonal. Who cares! Got a nice satin sheen.

  3. this is gorgeous. i love milani polishes. i just might have to pick this one up =]