Saturday, 16 October 2010

Hot and NOT

Been a while since I have done one of these, seemed the perfect time! Finally free for 4 months, no studying, hurrah!


Uni Holidays..weee.. lots of reading, napping and tidying(oh and working!) :)

My Helmer.. is finally coming in December, yahoooo!

Making up packages ... so fun... love making up packages, its nearly as good as receiving :)

Sookie Stackhouse books..loving them, need to get the 2nd & 3rd one!!

Wintery clothes... snoods and pashmina's and gloves ..loovely!

LUSH ..Yes I know always HOT in my mind..but the new xmas goodies, our store reopens next week cant wait :-)

Ayurveda........ hair powders and other lovely Indian hair goodies.. loving Amla powder right now... fab deep conditioner, meant to promote growth, dark shiny hair and curls..what more could a woman want!! going to attempt a henna next week (wish me luck!)


Torrential rain... now the temperature is about right for me 14-16 ..but getting soaking wet after spending hours doing my!

Christmas looming... dreading fact.. it doesn't exist until at least 1st December!

EON electricity provider.. RIP OFF!!!! - I will be keeping the heating off this winter!

Holiday collections.. *closing eyes* .. cant get my mitts on them..but I cant resist clicking to look at them!! lol

My hairdryer..the dryer of dread..its falling apart.. don't think I can brave using it anymore for the fear of electrocuting myself... Time to get a new one!!

That's all for now lovelies.. will be posting the ASOS paints over the weekend

TTFN xoxox


  1. Can't you change leccie-provider?
    Henna. Be prepared for a right-royal mess. Hope it works OK.

  2. I am going to next week..much as I enjoy paying £1300 a year!!! eeeek

    Oh no j dont say that LOL .. I did amla and thought it wasnt too messy..mind you it dosent stain :-o

  3. Ahh good luck with the henna!!
    I want to try it too, but I'm too scared. ;_;