Saturday, 30 January 2010

Nail art..Inspired by Love4nails

I heart this youtuber... here is my take on this fridays nail art.. LOVE4NAILS

nowhere near as decadant..but I had a good go!! my dots are little..for little nails lol I need to get a dotting tool!

Eyeko vampy nails for tips, NYC Starry silver glitter... Nailene white for dots!

I had fun doing these!! pretty simple.... happy with it for first go!
Need to add dotting tool to my to buy list!!
TTFN lovelies


  1. That looks really cool, I love it!

  2. I like it!
    It's fresh! En neatly done. =)

  3. I like it!!! You did a nice job!! Just like you I need to have a dottingtool too. I used a needle (pin) :-( and it was not nice to work with! Well maybe you do something else again from here. I will come and see it then.

  4. I know I use a pin too lol very hard! Going to order a dotting tool from ebay ..only $1!

    Thanks guys :)