Thursday, 28 January 2010

NYC East village...

Bit of a flop to be fair!!

This is four coats, its super super thin!! Will see how it wears.... looks nice, topped it up with two coats of super shiney after the photos.

I am re-trying an old product...SH Hard as wraps... okay so..I am not content JUST with no breaks in 5 weeks..I want gorgeous..fake looking..THICK..nails going to try this..along with my trusty nail break..and its off...

I really should just stick to one product lol...I blame makeupalley lovely nail board for making me a product junkie lol is a nice teal..but I wanted..deeper..richer..lush...and it isnt quite there!!

Currently am creating a list of China glaze polishes to get next month- never tried any, so its a bit hit and miss. Fingers crossed they are better than OPI!! Any suggestions on colours, leave a comment

Anyway...have a feeling me and East Village will be falling out of love within a day!!



  1. Do you go to poundland? What range of polishes do they have there?