Monday, 18 January 2010

Waiting for my nail looty!

Yes I still have xmas polishes I haven't used...

I love the glossy finish of nails inc...gorgeous!!

This is Basil street- perfect nude for darker skintones, Duke street- grey, lilac (more grey than OPI Lilac it) and Savoy court - ultraviolet...gorgeous!! My boyfriend got me these..all came with gorgeous charms... (oh on the end is just the Caviar top coat!)

Okay so I am eagerly waitin for a delivery of nail stuff at the moment, However am completely lusting after the OPI Alice in Wonderland stuff... I think I may have to order the miniatures!!

Trying to get hold of the Nubar glitters- blue and red...but so pricey in the UK, cheapest I found was £8.99 which is about $14!! a lot for glitters!!

ohhh...makeupalley guys have convinced to me to get the Seche Nails inc topcoat is nearly finished so..why not!! I have a CND Super Shiney on its way...I guess I better give it a go first!!

Hoping my ebay stuff comes by the end of the week.... I feel some haulage coming on tomorrow..on the hunt for the Claire's megaglitter polishes..not sure if they even do it here..gonna have a wee look tomorrow

Anyways...TTFN fellow nail junkies


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