Tuesday, 26 January 2010

... Quick mani

So this was meant to be a fast mani but it evolved!!

2 coats Nail envy, 1 coat SH basecoat

2 coats nailene nail pen on tips- pearl white

1 coat Snow GOSH ...nice clean but TOO NAKED!!

....later on I added....

2 coats Opal Truth Sally Hansen

Followed by CND Super Shiney...

Ultimately a sheer nudey/french look....am bored with it already!!

it is indeed..Shiney and hard!! so far so good!! Added some rhinestones...lovinggg them!!
I am really looking for NYX heart glitter polish atm.. cheapest I can find is $11 with postage... any ideas guys?? or anyone fancy a British swapsies??
Anyway Thanks for all you guys following, will do a competition at 50 followers. All British products that cant easily be bought in US....