Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Show it & glow it

.... Show it & Glow it

This is one of the Burlesque collection...wee so chuffed to have two of these :-)

This is two coats, topped with seche! A thin coat.. my seche appears to be vanishing at an alarming rate!! lol ...A little bumpy..but sure another coat would smooth it out!

I thought these would need a full 3 coats, but 2 is pretty good coverage! Ace..cos I just know removal of this one is going to be a serious chore!!

Can totally see this one as an xmas mani :-) .. will see how well it wears for the next few days! Got a hectic schedule... so hoping this will wear like iron!

That's all for now, the silly snow is driving me nutty now..cant get out and about properly! Boo! -3 Tonight... brrr... Keep warm lovelies!!




  1. this looks beautiful on you!! my brother took me some OPI Burlesuq from USA...but I don`t know yet which ones....exciting :)