Sunday, 27 March 2011

Finally back!

Things have all been a bit mad this end, slowly things are returning to normal, after that awful awful shock. Feeling a bit more like myself again now!

My nails are wrecked at the moment... had to file them all right down..oww, going to baby them..may even go back to the nail envy!! (they are that bad!!) I will instead show you some lovely little bits I have gotten in the past err.. 6 weeks!!

NYC Big apple red, Tangerine creme(all reduced to 80p).... LA Colours (from Beautybase in westfield all 99p) .. and 17 Tigers Eye

China glaze crackle.... China glaze White cap & Accesorize Aztec (droool!!)

Close up of the gorgeousness!!

And non nail related... when I was at Westfield my sis and I went to Jo Malone to get my belated valentines gift!! Was lovely, my sis was pampered with a massage and champagne galore!! Got the cult scent.... lime, basil and mandarin .... will definitely be going back on my birthday for a huge bottle of was a toss up between the two!! Was a gorgeous experience, really recommend the store at Westy :-)

I have just started Weight Watchers propoints, so a little bit obsessed!! ha! Down 4lb my first week though so chuffed with that!! .. Hopefully starting to eat again will help my nails to perk up a bit too!! The weight loss is in a bid to avoid having to get a boob reduction, hopefully just a lift... at £7,000 it will take me a lonnng long time to save, so dieting seems to make sense for now!!!probably TMI but...never mind!! (of course if you like my TMI blathering..follow me on twitter for plenty more where that came from!!)

TTFN lovelies xoxox

pstt... contest post coming up later on TODAY


  1. Oo, contest. Goodie. Blathering also good.

  2. That Accesorize Aztec looks incredible. Can't wait to see it. {{hugs}} to your healing nails.

  3. OOOoooh china glaze crackle , cant wait to see a post on them :o) xx

  4. if you have any questions, let me know. i had a reduction+lift back in 1999!