Sunday, 17 July 2011


Okay yes... this was out in spring, the British summer appears to be over.. I am a tad late!!

Lovely, creme + purple = WIN

(please forgive my cuticles....suddenly they are rebelling!!)

Love the formula of fingerpaints, wish wish we got them over here!!

I have been so good and not bough any new polish in ages... I completely blame my mother for a minor purchase today... QVC Beauty day deals just too good to miss, we are going to share a set from Nails Inc... I shall snap them when they land... the crackles were tempting..but really, how many crackles does one gal need???

.... I am in the midst of trying to set up tumblr... is it just me or... Am I gettin old???!! lol do I need tumblr in my life??

TTFN lovelies xoxox


  1. Very pretty color it complements your skin tone nicely, qvc always has the best deals I try not to watch it lol I agree with u I think I've got too many crackles than I really need.

  2. Lovely nailpolish.
    Personally I don't really like crackles... so I don't own them anyway :)