Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Nails inc...Bond street

A quick one, one I got for Christmas, is one of the gorgeous crystal caps (the old man knows me well!)

2 coats of Bond street topped with Kensington 45 second top coat.. (was a bit rough and ready before bed! zzzz)

Voila, bit festive, but... very nice all the same, pure red foilyness..

TTFN xxx


  1. Very pretty red and I like that bottle cap. Talking about bling, bling :)

  2. Wow never seen such a beautiful lacquer bottle! Want one xx :o)

  3. its so gorgeous and the bottle is to die for! oh and i tagged you here

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  5. This color is divine. It reminds me of Dorothy’s red ruby slippers. I think that it is just magical. Thanks for sharing!

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