Wednesday, 19 January 2011

For Bitten

Ulta For Bitten...

This is 2 coats..and the dregs of my seche vite lol... dried fast and applied smoothly.... its pretty...but not as pretty as in the bottle!! The duchrome doesn't really translate.... but its still yummy!

I am feeling a bit..blah about new polish atm..not much is grabbing my attention..although the valentine Illa tugging at my heart strings.. I think Load may have to be mine! I don't own anything from Illamasqua yet... so I think it may just be time to delve in.... the price tag is the only off putting part!!

What new polish's are on your Spring wishlist????

More manicures coming up shortly

TTFN lovelies xoxoxo


  1. How have you been? Miss you on MUA girl...Your mani is gorgeous! :D

  2. Love that colour. It is hanging out on my minis carousel awaiting swatching. :D