Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year

Wishing all a fabulous 2011

Yes I am a bit late, normal posting will resume very shortly guys!!

Resolutions I suppose..ish.. not ... going to use that word as it backfires!! Aims for the year!!

1. Get organised.... So far this is a work in progress, chucking out all the too big clothes/shoes and starting fresh!!

2. Sticking to my grocery budget - £35 a month is my goal for this year

3. Creating a capsule wardrobe that would make Gok Wan cry! - much as I love black, time for something new!

4. Wearing my jewellery.. yes.. actually wearing it and enjoying it!!

5. Having more fun and giggles

6. Spending more time in London
- more time seeing my family, BFF ... oh and Primark Oxford street!

Fairly simple and achievable I should think!!!

TTFN lovelies xoxox


  1. Good luck - but £35/month for groceries?! How on earth?