Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Nail mail!

Nail mail x 2 ...wee!

An absolutely fantastic sparkle-tastic package from dear dear J and another from an MUA'er! The second one was arranged a while back, since then the whole Skinfood scare came out...still unsure, any opinions guys??? throw them or keep?? - I don't think I can keep them...much as I would like to!

On with the sparkles! From J ..(mwah!)

Two of the goooorgeous Burlesque glitters & Fantasy Makers holo confetti...Ooooo

How beautiful is that, so gorgeous, cant wait to franken with it!!

Revlon super duper holo/hex glitters...DROOL! Star & Galaxy

Two sinfuls - I lost the label off one...any ideas?? The aquamarine is Nail Junkie!

Pure Ice French Kiss, Pink Ice
WnW Blackmail (omgg..gorgeous)
Confetti Moonstruck & My favourite green Martian (major lemming!!)

So much sparkle, glitter and loveliness - Thanks J !!

From Singapore....

Sinful Beautiful girl (been lemming this a long time).. A HOT Face shop polish( will post the number for it when swatched) ... Two Skinfood polish & Skinfood vita essence

Also got a lot of lovely felts, samples and empty bottles for frankens..which is ace!!

So many lovely bits! Its snowing I am going to wrap up ... get warm and do my nails!

TTFN lovelies



  1. Ooeeee. What a lot of goodies.

  2. I have no idea the name of that Sinful! I wish I did. I can't wait to see what you franken!

  3. Your label less Sinful is All About You. It is really pretty. Especially layered over a dark base colour.

  4. Oh! I meant to say, I have that glitter, too. I bought it to franken with but when I tried it in a little clear to test to see if it would hold up in polish, (it does) it sank to the bottom of the bottle. So I thought it might not work for frankening. Maybe I did something wrong?

    I can't wait to see what you do with it. It is sooo pretty in it's bottle. And on skin, too. :D

  5. would need to suspend it in a glitter maybe??? ...I will give it a go later!!

    Thank you so much :-) I will give it a label now :) I was so eager to open it I tore it off...woops!!