Saturday, 30 April 2011

Have it your grey

Subdued but lovely, a bit like yesterdays lovely little affair. I cried in bed, yes I did.. it was simply lovely!! ( I maybe... sang the national anthem in my jammies )

This is two coats, it applied very much like it did when I saw LD do it on I was not alarmed... its a bit patchy first coat, then slicks right up..super glossy after second coat, fast drying. We shall see how it wears... such claims as " Up to 10 days wear " appeal oh so much to me... lets just see :-)

Good thing about QVC is the 30 day guarantee, if you feel the quality isn't good - ie. it chips after 1 day of the formula isn't good, you can just sent it right on back! Great service.

Enjoy yet another loveeeely long weekend..oh I could so get used to 4 day weekends.. bliss!

TTFN lovelies xoxox