Tuesday, 12 April 2011

...more Nail mail!

I know I know..long time no blog!! So hectic at the moment - and my **** nails are putting me off also!!!

More nail mail ...weee.. I am a lucky lucky girl :-) Thank you J !!

So so happy with these lovelies from the KP collection :-) so beautiful! weeeee

This one especially...made my heart melt...oooo

My second Zoya... (my first was also from J!) Shawn ..so yummy ..and a baby Ahoy!

My nails are seriously.. sad right now.. so I will be back to regular posting shortly!!! I will be reviewing the nail envy(on the request of a certain lovely :) as I nurse my nails back to health and get back to swatching :-)

You have until Friday to keep entering to contest... keep entering guys :-)

TTFN lovelies xoxox


  1. Yay! I only hope I made you as happy as you made me!

  2. Aha, you read my comment :P Can't wait for the review! :)

  3. ♥love your blog♥