Saturday, 4 September 2010

Forget what I said about Shimmer... OPI Wing it!

OPI Wing it...

I wanted to make this look as close to in the bottle as possible, Pink & Orange shimmer, so I layered this over Sinful Pink Creme - after playing various layering games with it on a nail wheel...and.. I think it brings out the shimmer.. on its own it would be very sheer!!layered up like this.... I love it!

Yesterday I said I usually don't like shimmer.... well I think I am warming to it :-) Thanks to J for this one :-) So pleased with it, I only have maybe 4 OPI so pleased to have another one :-)

I took lots of snaps.... I will let the OPI do the talking!

Have a fab weekend all... day of snoozing and studying for me!

TTFN lovelies