Monday, 20 September 2010

Franken 2.... full swatch

Finally here it is.... I took a lot of pics... click really, the sparkles are gorgeous, I didn't even come close to capturing how showy it is!!

Hope you guys like it :-)

For now.. its just Number 2!

This is two coats, with seche its completely smooth and glassy ..Mmmm

Wondering if setting up franken swaps or something like that might be cool if anyone likes the look of any of my frankens ... just throwing an idea out there lol comment tell me what you think :-)

Anyhoo..back to revision!!

TTFN lovelies



  1. That is amazing! and the swatch makes it so much more freaking super duper awesome :)!!

  2. gorgeous! and just because, i gave you the happy 101 award!

  3. wow you made that...? ! that is something i would buy.. that i nice