Saturday, 11 September 2010

Layering fun...Saved by the blue meets Rio

Saved by the blue meets Pure Ice Rio... oo...Started with 2 coats of the blue then layered with Rio... gorgeous... at one coat it had a hint of the UD Bruise about it...but me being me.. I had to go ruin it with 2 coats lol Still pretty :-)

I took a whole load of pics trying to capture how gorgeous and duochrome this is in real life... was hard to capture.. if you have these two, give it a try!!

Studying is going a little tits up the say the least, so tired all the time, keep falling asleep..exhausted!! Pushing on with it... a wee nail polishing break was in order :-)

Anyways.. my Hair obsession is somewhat overtaking my nail obsession atm..eeek!

Hope everyone is having a relaxed weekend