Friday, 3 September 2010

Purple Reign....

Purple Rain.. Purple Rain... how I love that song... but I think I love this polish more!!

Presenting Pure Ice Purple Reign ...wee... now I am not a shimmer lover, but...golden shimmer..oh yes.. Loves it

So gorgeous.. 2 coats over SHNQ, Barielle Thickener & topped with SV!

Worn pretty good, have 1 small chip and its on my chip prone index finger... think its damaged and the polish simply doesn't stick!!

Love this so much... my first Pure Ice that doesn't need layering, I have quite a Pure Ice collection coming on now (mostly thanks to J :-)

Anyways.. gonna veg out now.. weekend is finally here!!

TTFN lovelies



  1. This is such a beauty, it looks great on you!

  2. I agree with Nicole, this looks gorgeous on you!

  3. perfect for you!!! i knew it would be. and I had no idea you didn't like shimmer! oops! must stick to glitt-eh!

  4. this is prettier than i expected it to be :)

  5. This is one gorgeous polish, looks great on you!

  6. J- any shimmer you choose =perfecto!!!

    Thanks guys :-) annoyed my index finger is chipped or I would of kept it on longer!! time for a fresh one :-)

  7. Awesome color on you. It really does something fabulous on your nails.

  8. Gorgeous! Now this is one I've had a while and absolutely need to wear!

  9. Love this colour, suits you definately :-)