Tuesday, 7 September 2010

... Zoya Meadow

Just a quick post lovies, this week is getting worse and worse.. am already praying for Saturday!!

Anyoo.. Zoya Meadow, my 2nd Zoya :-) weeow exciting, I wish wish they did International shipping !!

This is 2 coats of Zoya over some nail underwear (Creme white) - topped with Seche

Really like this one, nice gold shimmer.. work appropriate but still with a little something special :-)

This applied really lovely, 2 coats nice and smooth..despite the white being bumpy lol.. dried super fast too, time I did a few tweets it was dry enough for photographs!!

Now I am lemming the winter Zoya's even more.. boo!

Back to the books for the time being!!

TTFN lovelies xoxoxo


  1. Super pretty. What d'you reckon it'd be like without the base?

  2. This colour is pretty but it seems like Zoya do so many variations on one similar colour :-)

  3. Sheer.. very sheer Jen.. Jess has swatches of it over at polish insomniac :)

  4. Ooh, pretty one. Annoying that it needs a base though...