Monday, 10 May 2010


The pics do the talking... choc full of holo glitter in a jelly base- pretty pigmented, this is 3 coats and a HUGE coat of seche...which I may say is thickening after a mere 10 days.. time to bust out the restore! hmm.. I got it off evilbay..wonder if somethings up with it...

Another newy from recent nail mail..wee it is soo glittery!! I think this one will be staying put for a while I haven't got the energy for wrestling glitter hehe

I was hoping to get my ring back today..had to get it resized.. this is worrying as I have about err 20lb to loose to be where I want for getting hitched..apparently it wont be back till the weekend..boohoo! Why they don't just stock small sizes I do not know lol
I love China glaze..pigmented and well... the built in hardener is a win.. I like my nails to feel rock hard!!

Have been drooling over the Nails inc coke collection... I see a lot of diet coke in my future..luckily that's 1 thing that is allowed on size 0 diet!!

Waiting on some mail atm..the volcano seems to have reared its ugly head again..fingers crossed this time it will stay away from the UK!!
brrr is so cold atm.. meant to be frost tonight...anyhoo I must stop tweeting and get going for 5mile run!




  1. *swoon* This is so beautiful!

  2. This is my alltime favourite polish, can't get enough of it and desperately need backups. My nails aren't long like yours, I wish they were, the Atlantis looks amazing on those long vampy nails.

  3. That looks lovely. I'm waiting for a shipment from the Netherlands of polish, I'm hoping the ash settles fast.

  4. hi sweetie! your nails are getting long fast!!! and you might be having a problem bc the sechve restore is for non-bf3 polishes...

  5. Sooooo pretty... sigh... no buying for me at the moment.

  6. This looks amazing on you!! Great mani!! *Goes to look for me a bottle of Atlantis*
    (let us know how that glittah removal goes!!)

  7. Thanks guysss

    omg.. this is staying on all week..Then I will try the foil method!

    A - did you not get yourself one?? lol

    jess- I havent tried to thin it yet..its thick after a couple weeks :( Will try later