Saturday, 8 May 2010

Sunny side up goes W-I-L-D!

Leopard print nails..wanted to try this for ages lol not bad for first attempt!

M&S Yellow & WnW Black creme

Used a dotting tool mostly, did make some random shapes too ..I think perfect polka dots would look a bit perfect leopard spots after all are not all the same! Next time will just do them all with normal nail brush..random shapes

Been studying all day, so a little light nail art... fun! enough of the books for one day!

TTFN xoxoxox


  1. I LOVE this on you!! Your free hand art is very good!! You have some skillz there!

    Love ALL the colors together. Nail art and konad's are such great way to spice up a mani w/o changing the whole mani and still giving it a whole new look!! Girl after my own heart!! :-)

  2. R, Your mani is just flawless!!! It is amazing!! Great job :)

  3. Thanks guys :-) my first go..was a bit wobbly handed but like the final effect!!

    Will have to try some more nail art in the week!

  4. i like it! the color is so nice..=)